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Take a Mad Adventure in Good Food with The Nutless Professor

The Nutless Professor crafts a random assortment of perhaps the most unusual, gluten-free snacks and treats you've experienced since your last trek through the world's underbelly. Because you are what you eat, The Prof's treats feed your mind as well as your tummy. I try to only use ingredients from folks I know. Getting you and youngsters intrigued by where these foods come from and the stories is a big part of the Nutless Professor. Think of it as Food 101. And like the good old days reading the back of your cereal box.

This project is part of my inquiry into what it really takes to bring food products to market. I'll be sharing my knowledge, like a good nutless professor [more about me & the food]


Black Rice Crunch Snacks and Sweets
[gluten free and nut free!]

clusterlucks crunch crackers

Black Rice Crunch Clusterlucks

Sweet and salty Thai curry spiced black rice crunch with coconut, fresh ginger, and fresh lemongrass. it's the slightly sweet savory snack you'll crave and feel good about eating.

Black Rice Crunch Caramels

These caramels have a cult following. One customer declared them the best thing she'd ever had. Made with California brown rice syrup, Organic Valley's 85% Pasture butter, and organically grown black rice which I roast in small batches, these all-organic caramels will rock your sweet tooth world.

Black Rice Cruncheese

Organic Valley cheddar cheese from happy cows baked with Black Rice Crunch transforms into an extremely low calorie, big time crunch without any gluten or flours added.

more about me & the food

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Visit my office on Facebook to learn about upcoming events.

Please write an electronic missive with questions or if you'd like to order.

I'm on Twitter in my non-professorial identity.

Where to Find It

The Nutless Professor offered our oddities to great crunching acclaim at the ForageSF market and New Taste Marketplace. Please get in touch to order!

Ever So Trendy Sweets

The Nutless Professor (accidentally) delivers not one but five of The Food Channel's Top Ten Dessert Trends in 2011!

-Sweet, Heat, Salty and Tart - desserts don't always have to be sugary sweet
-Behold the Power of Protein - people are looking for more than a sugar buzz from desserts today
-Desserts for Grownups - the maturing of America's sweet tooth
-Whole Grains and No Grains - a food trend that's all about health
-A Touch of Sweetness All Day Long - sweet little rewards that help get us through the day

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